Seeing Stars

by Storm Richards




Laurie sat at her vanity slowly brushing her hair.  For the tenth time, she replayed the night's events in her head.  Why did she let the boorish woman Millicent Brown get under her skin?  Why did she react the way she did?  Millicent just kept saying that Joshua couldn't be a good lover because Laurie never defended him. She had always deflected her comments by saying he was the best and didn't need defending.  So why tonight did she lose it and let Millicent have it like a double-barreled shotgun?  Why had she allowed that woman to get under her skin so much?  Maybe it was because Millicent was bragging so much; but she did that all the time.  Maybe it was just the fact that Laurie had really wanted to stay home with Heyes tonight instead of going to the quilting bee. 


She had been looking at him earlier in the day while he and Kid worked on fixing the fence.  He was hot and sweaty and his Henley clung to him.  When he came into the house to get cleaned up, Laurie watched as he removed his shirt.  She stared at his muscular frame and became wet with desire right there and then.  If Kid hadn't been in the house, if he hadn't been in the same room, she would have walked up behind Heyes and wrapped her arms around him; offered to help him wash up.  She had done that once before, leading to a wondrous experience in the bath.  Of course, explaining to Kid why there was so much water on the floor was rather amusing.  She smiled at herself remembering.


So tonight when Heyes told her she shouldn't let the other women down, that he would play poker until she was done with the quilting bee, she was disappointed.  Determined not to waste the evening, she decided to try to entice Heyes to stay home.  As she began to get dressed, she smiled devilishly and decided not to put on any panties.  She bit her bottom lip as she pulled up her stockings and then the garters. She slipped her shoes on and looked in the mirror.  Laurie giggled Heyes would love this outfit. 


She looked around the room trying to decide what else to wear and settled on the tight fitting chemise.  It had a corset top and the bottom flowed to just above the floor.  The bottom was white and fairly transparent.  The corseted top was white lace that hugged Laurie like a second skin.  You could see her nipples through it, but perhaps that was just because they were already erect.  The corset laced up the front tying off at and hopefully, holding in her breasts. 


Amber, a saloon girl Laurie once borrowed a dress from under the pretense that she needed to attract Joshua, gave her the chemise when Laurie returned the dress.  She said no man could resist a woman wearing it.   She slipped on the chemise and tightly tied the corset top lifting her bosoms up and almost out of the top.  To top it off, she slipped into one of Heyes' favorite dresses.  She studied herself in the mirror and smiled and then went to meet him in the kitchen. 


Heyes stood up, smiling at her, when she entered the room.  She walked over to him and deliberately leaned into him, pressing her hard nipples to his chest, kissing him on the cheek.  She was sure he would decide to stay home with her. 


Then Kid walked in and said cheerfully, "Good.  You're ready.  We can all go to town together." 


Heyes looked at Laurie longingly and then at Kid, "Sure, we can all go together."  He kissed Laurie's cheek and turned to follow his partner.


Kid rode his horse and Heyes drove the wagon to town.  They dropped Laurie off at the quilting bee and then Heyes proceeded to the saloon.  Kid went to see Sarah. When Laurie finished with the quilting bee, she met Heyes outside and they came home. 


Laurie said she was going to get ready for bed while Heyes took care of the horse and wagon.   She made her way up to the bedroom and slipped off the dress and then studied herself in the mirror again.  She took the combs out of her hair and let it fall down her back.  She knew Heyes liked it when her hair was down.  Then she sat down at the vanity and began to brush her hair. 


Heyes walked into their room and went directly to the washbasin.  He removed his shirt and Henley, laying them neatly on the chair, and kicked off his boots and socks.  Laurie watched him in the mirror.  She watched him take the washcloth and first wash his face and then run it over his chest and arms.  She could feel herself ache with desire as she watched his muscles move. 


Heyes finished and dried his face.  He turned and looked at her.  "My god, she is a vision," he thought, feeling a familiar tightening in his groin. 


Slowly he walked over to her and gazed at her reflection in the mirror.  She met his gaze and smiled; then bit her bottom lip.  He placed his hands on her shoulders; she shuddered at the touch.   His eyes became devilish as she stood up.  He pulled her against him, her back touching his bare chest, and kissed the nape of her neck. 


"Mmmmm," she moaned at his touch and kiss. 


He ran his one hand down the length of her body as the other wrapped around her waist and then moved up to cup her breast. 


"Ooooohhh," she purred as her breathing began to become heavy.  


Heyes' hand tugged at the lace that held the corset together, hoping to free her breasts.  His other hand reached down and began to pull up the bottom of the chemise in his search for what was under it. He freed one breast and began to fondle it.  Continuing to kiss her neck, he used his teeth to slide the strap off her shoulder, exposing her breast completely.  As he kissed her shoulder; her back arched into him.  His right hand ran up the inside of her thigh and he chuckled devilishly as he found nothing hindering him in his pursuit as Laurie instinctively parted her legs.  His left hand cupped her breast as his finger and thumb tweaked her nipple eliciting a cry of pleasure.  He kissed his way back over to her neck and ran his tongue up to her ear. 


She turned her head to meet his mouth and tried to turn her body to face him but Heyes held her more firmly.  "Nooo," he said softly and seductively as he pinned her with her back against him, taking her mouth in his.  As he kissed her deeply his tongue explored her mouth.  She heard herself whimper with desire.  Then he inserted one finger deep into her and she groaned low in her throat.  Heyes chuckled deep in his throat as it aroused him even more hearing her.  She was already moist and so unbelievably hot.  He continued to fondle her breast with his left hand while the other started a rhythmic motion in and out of her. 


She began to squirm at his touch.  Her breathing grew more and more ragged until she had to pull away from his kiss just to breathe.  


He went back to kissing and nibbling her neck, running his tongue and his lips up one side and down the other.  She shuddered again as Heyes inserted a second finger inside her, increasing the pace of his assault.  Her breathing became extremely uneven as she lost herself in the moment.   He moved his left arm down to her waist to help steady her and hold her up.


She began to move with him. 


As her eyes closed, Heyes lifted her leg up on the chair she had been sitting on and plunged his fingers as deep into her as he could. 


She cried out, "Han!" as her head fell back onto his shoulder, her back arched.


Heyes watched her in the mirror.  As he could feel her become hotter and wetter, he took his thumb and found her most sensitive spot, first putting pressure on it and then alternated between light strokes and circles.  As he felt her body tense up he placed his thumb directly on top and pressed down firmly, moving it back and forth. 


Laurie lost control as wave after wave of ecstasy raced through her body and she called out "Han!" a second time and then slumped, breathing heavily, back onto him.  


He removed his hand and lowered her leg to the floor. 


Laurie leaned into Heyes, letting him hold her up until she could again feel her legs beneath her and her breathing had returned to normal. 


He kissed the nape of her neck again. 


"Mmmm," she sighed as she regained her senses and began to squirm a little.  She stayed in his arms as she carefully turned towards him.  Leaning her head against his chest, she lightly kissed it as she slowly wrapped her arms around him.  Her eyes drifted up to his, "Mmmm," she sighed again.  "Why did you do that?"


He leaned down and kissed her nose, "Because I wanted to."


"But you didn't get anything," she started before he interrupted.


A low guttural sound came from his throat, "Oh yes I did." 


She looked at him wide eyed. 


“To see you and feel you, that's all I needed."  He kissed her nose again and she nuzzled in close. 


Slowly she lifted her head off his chest.  She looked back at him with a devilish look in her eyes.  "Well then," she said.  "Turn about is fair play." 


He tilted his head at her and she smiled back.  Taking a half step away from him, she bit her bottom lip and brought her hands out from behind him and placed them squarely on his chest.  She leaned in and ever so gently brushed his chest with her lips. 


He closed his eyes as she kissed the base of his neck and moved upward all the while her hands roamed his bare chest.   Raining kisses down his neck, her hands moved lower until they reached his belt.  Leaning into him she felt his hard shaft press against her.  "Mmmm," she moaned quietly as her hands began to undo his belt and then unbuttoned his pants. 


"What do you think you're doing?" he asked in almost a moan as he could feel her hands against him.


A low guttural purr escaped her mouth.  "It's my turn now."  Slowly, she slipped her hands to his sides and slid them down, catching the waistband of his pants with her fingertips.  She teasingly pushed his pants down his hips, freeing him.


Kneeling down, she pushed his pants even lower.  As her hands reached the floor, she helped him step out of the pants.  He reached down to help her up but she brushed his hands away.  "Not so fast," she said with a devilish grin as she knelt in front of him. 


She looked at his growing member.  Then her eyes locked on his.  Starting at the base with the tip of her tongue, she ever so lightly traced the ridge up to the tip of his shaft, stopping at the indent to flick her tongue. 


He moaned and closed his eyes. 


She opened her mouth and carefully, deliberately, and slowly took the tip inside, swirled her tongue around, and then released him.  She looked up at him again; his eyes were closed as his breathing was erratic.  Smiling to herself, she wrapped her hand around the base and once again took the tip into her mouth.  This time, she did not stop until she had taken as much as she could into her mouth. 


His knees buckled and he braced himself by putting his arms out against the wall and leaning forward. 


Unable to take him fully in her mouth, her hand covered the rest of his thick shaft and started moving in unison with her mouth as her tongue teased; moving back and forth and up and down and around; first slowly and then more eagerly as her mouth became hotter.  


His low guttural moans had increased in intensity as he felt her take him into her hot, wet mouth.  It was all he could do to control himself and enjoy the sensation. 


She began to work in a rhythmic pace as he felt her tongue dart, lick, and circle him.  As her mouth moved up his shaft, she began to suck lightly and then harder as she once again took him fully into her mouth, this time feeling the head of his shaft touch the back of her throat. 


"Ohhhh," he moaned in ecstasy as she continued her magic.  Barely able to stand as his knees became increasingly weak, he leaned his head on his arm as it bent towards the wall.  


As she felt his sack begin to contract she slowed the pace and glanced up at him.  His chest was almost heaving as he steadied himself against the wall.  Keeping her eyes on his face, with her mouth still around him, she once again took the tip of her tongue and ran it up the outside ridge to the tip and slowly and deliberately removed her mouth.  


He shuddered making her smile. 


As she once again leaned forward and opened her mouth, she felt his arms reach down and grab her.  He picked her up and, with Laurie's back to the wall, he lifted her leg up and with one fluid motion thrust his throbbing rod into her. She pressed against the wall and let out an unbelievable moan of pleasure as she wrapped both legs around Heyes' waist.  At the same time, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. 


He dipped his head to her still exposed breast and, hungrily took it in his mouth, first sucking it and then, as he released it, taking her nipple between his teeth, pulling lightly. 


Laurie began to thrash and moan as he thrust himself into her over and over again.  Feeling her tighten around him, his thrust became faster and harder as he drove himself as far in as he could and held himself there.  She started to quake and he could feel her muscles contract around him.  Heyes pulled back one last time and thrust into her hard, pinning her against the wall with his weight. 


She let out a scream of passion and rolled her head to the side. 


He smiled and then, knowing she was satisfied, began his assault to finish.  After only two more deep thrusts, he yelled out and collapsed with Laurie against the wall trying to stay standing and not drop her.  With her arms still wrapped around his neck, she carefully lifted herself up and he slid out.  Placing her feet on the floor, her back against the wall, Heyes leaned into her as they both tried to regain their breathing. 


After a few minutes, she pushed out the word "bed," in between pants.  She slowly nudged Heyes backwards towards the bed.  When the bed hit the back of his knees, he sat down.  With his help, Laurie picked up his legs and swung them onto the bed as he lay down.  She then crawled in bed on top of him, resting her head on his chest. Still breathing erratically, he tilted his head down and kissed the top of her head.  They lay there for a while coming back to earth.


When she had regained enough of her senses she lifted her head up and propped it up with her hands that were resting on Heyes' chest.  "You cheated," Laurie said.


"Excuse me?" Heyes asked, as his eyes looked down at her though his head didn't move.


"You cheated," she repeated.  "It was my turn to pleasure you."


"Oh," he chuckled lightly and groaned at the movement it caused, still not having regained all his faculties yet.  "I didn't cheat.  I changed the rules.  Laurie pursed her lips and was about to speak but Heyes continued.  "And if you hadn't noticed, I think I was pleasured quite a bit!"  


Laurie smiled.  "Yes but, then you ..." she started but once again was interrupted.


"I what?  Gave you pleasure too?"  He raised his eyebrow at her.


"See?  You admit you cheated.  You already did that, it was my turn."


"And you did it wonderfully," he paused, remembering, and shuddered.  "Amazing is more like it but I never agreed, you never said anything."


"But it's only fair, since you already did that to me," Laurie pouted a little.  "You cheated."


"Nope," he said, "merely changed the rules."  Heyes looked at her pouting face, "Did you mind that much?"


Laurie smiled and her eyes twinkled.  She gave a gentle shake of her head. 


"Good," he said as he stroked the side of her face and she leaned into his hand.  He lay staring at her for a moment.  "By the way, that tease thing, where you slowed down?" 


"You liked it?" she asked eagerly.


"Oh," he chuckled, "you could say that." 


Laurie looked very pleased. 


"Where did you learn that?"


"I didn't learn it," she said, looking at him like he had two heads.  "I heard about it-so I thought I would try." 


Heyes tilted his head and raised his eyebrow at her.  "Care to explain?"


Laurie chuckled.  "You men all think alike." 


He frowned at her. 


"That's what I hear.  I mean, you don't think we ever talk about this stuff like you men do, but we do.  Do you really think all we do when we get together is quilt?" 


He gave her a puzzled look. 


"I hate quilting.  I go because we talk.  You know...girl talk," as she continued, her voice becoming more animated.  "Well, Sally," she could see by the look on his face that his interest was piqued.  "Yes, Sally was there too.  Anyway, she says that you know you have an excellent lover who wants to please you when they take you to the edge and then slow it down.  You know, so you're almost begging for it, wanting more.  She says then it's the's like you are on fire, floating...and then you see stars." 


Laurie smiled at Heyes.  "You do that to me.  You get me so ready and then slow down and I really want to scream more."  She stopped talking, bit her lip, and blushed, suddenly feeling embarrassed. 


Heyes stroked the side of her face and smiled, not saying anything, wanting to hear what else she had to say.


Laurie looked at his waiting and wanting eyes and decided that since she already started she might as well finish. 


"Well, I mostly listen but I have said one or two things." 


Heyes' eyes became wide, suddenly worried. 


"Nothing bad," she rolled her eyes, wanting to laugh at his discomfort.  "It's just that-Millicent was bragging and talking and saying all these things.  She made it sound like everyone else's husband didn't know what they were doing.  She went after me because I hadn't defended you and like I said, I usually don't say too much.  I mean I didn't want anyone to feel bad." 


Heyes lifted his head slightly and half grinned, not sure where she was going with this. 


"She wouldn't let up tonight.  She just kept at me and I finally had enough of her so I just let her have it.  Sally was really proud of me."  She fell silent.


"What did you say?"  Heyes prodded, curiosity getting the better of him.


"Oh," Laurie blushed and wrinkled her nose a little.  "I just told her that I hadn't said anything because I didn't want anyone else to feel bad.  She just looked at me like she didn't believe it and I lost it.  I told her that I see stars--every--and I mean every time we make love.  I told them that you are the most wonderful, gentle, giving man and that you always and I mean always make sure I am satisfied to the fullest before you worry about yourself." 


Heyes caught Laurie's gaze and held it, knowing there was more to be told.


She tried to break the gaze but couldn't and once again blushed, closing her eyes, hoping he would stop looking at her.  When she opened her eyes he hadn't moved.  His eyes were still locked on hers.  "Okay," she said quietly, feeling very shy, "I told them some of the things you do to me, the way you kiss me, the way you explore my body with your hands, your mouth." 


She sighed, thinking about it and bit her bottom lip, "Sally said I was one very lucky girl. She always said she wished she had met you at least once before you met me.  All the other women kind of whimpered and then we all left."  She lifted her head and said proudly, "Millicent walked out like a dog with its tail between its legs." 


Heyes chuckled. 


"Sally ran off to the saloon saying she needed a man and the other woman went looking for their husbands."  She paused.  "Guess it's a good thing Sarah was out with Kid tonight." 


Heyes chuckled. 


"Anyway, I'm sorry," Laurie said and with puppy dog eyes.  "I know I shouldn't have said anything.  She just got me so mad."


Heyes looked deep into her eyes; "Every time?" was all he said


Laurie's eyes sparkled, "Every time," she said, emphasizing the words.  "Even in the barn, the very first time.  Sally couldn't believe it.   I said it hurt to begin with, but you were so gentle and caring.  You took your time and before I knew it, I was seeing stars.  Said I really didn't know all women didn't.  She laughed and said, ‘Honey, you have no idea how lucky you are.  Most women never see stars.’" 


She laid her head down on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.  She began to run her fingers lightly through his chest hair.  Laurie lifted her head.  "See, that's why it was important for me to make you feel good.  Cause I always see stars.  I wanted to make sure I made you see stars.  That's why I wore the tight fitting chemise.  You said before that you like the way I look in it.  I've seen the look in your eyes when I've worn it before.  So I came in and deliberately took my time getting changed into my nightgown so you could see me in it."


Heyes shook his head. "Don't you know I always see stars?" he said before he heard what Laurie had said and then it hit him.  "You planned this?" he smiled.  "When?"


Laurie bit her bottom lip and crinkled her nose, "Well, since this afternoon.  I was watching you fix the fence."  She breathed in and then let out a cleansing breath as she envisioned him earlier.  "That's why I wore what I did.  I wanted to get your attention."  She smiled devilishly at him. "Oh, but not what you did to start.  As you could tell, that wasn't my doing.  But after," she stopped and nodded her head.  "And you cheated."  She said and made a little hrmph sound.


"I didn't cheat.  I just changed the rules."   He gave Laurie a wicked grin. 


She leaned against him and lifted her head and kissed his chest.  She could feel him begin to stir beneath her and become hard again.  She lifted her eyes to his, not moving her head, and smiled impishly.  She kissed his chest again as her fingers moved over it.  As she traced his muscles she stopped and her finger circled his nipple.  She carefully ran her finger over it, barely touching him but sending shivers through his body. 


"You like that, do you?" she asked and dipped her head towards it catching the tip of the already erect nipple with her tongue.


A low moan formed in his throat.  


Laurie giggled and circled the nipple with her tongue and then gently took it in her mouth and kissed it.  As she pressed her body closer to his, she could feel his completely hard shaft pressed up against her stomach.   She lifted her head and said very seductively, "Someone's awake."


Heyes wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up to him.  Tilting his mouth across hers, he kissed her, first gently and then more demanding and passionate as his tongue became entwined with hers.  He ran his hands up and down her back, lifting the chemise.   Coming up for air, he said, "This has to go," he said, pulling on the chemise. 


Laurie smiled and sat up on him.  She licked her lips, ending in her biting the bottom one. 


"Ohh," he moaned and took a breath.  "You certainly do know how to seduce me."


She sat looking seductively in his eyes; her one breast completely exposed, the other, only partially, as the corset top on the chemise was still partly tied.   "You're going to have untie the lace all the way if you want it to come off," she said. 


Heyes looked at her.  She was sitting with her legs straddling him, her most sensitive, hot, and wet place positioned directly on top of his manhood.  He moved his hips ever so slightly and she let out a gasp of desire.  Reaching up, he very slowly, pulled on the ribbon to loosen the corset.  With one hand he slowly undid the lattice, pulling on the lace to make it run over her nipple.  With the other hand, he cupped her exposed breast and began to lightly fondle it.


She moved her hips in a circular motion feeling him underneath her.  She closed her eyes and her head drifted back as she began to arch her back. 


Heyes undid the rest of the lattice and lifted the chemise over her head, dropping it on the floor.  He looked up at her as she straddled him, wearing just her stockings and garters.  She was beautiful; her hair was loose and flowed down to the small of her back.  Her body was thin, petite, and firm.  He let his hands slip down to her hips and they slowly worked up her sides until once again they reached her breasts. 


She took a breath in and she sighed as he ran his hand over her. 


He traced the outline of her nipple and then slowly rolled it between his slightly callused fingers. 


Laurie hummed with pleasure. 


Bringing his hands down to her legs, he ran his hand down one leg and then back up.  He took hold of the garter. 


Laurie leaned back, increasing the pressure on his shaft, and straightened her leg.


He slowly removed it and then ran his hand up the inside of her leg. This time he gently rolled her stocking down, slipping it off and dropping it on the floor.  He repeated the procedure with the other leg.  Heyes then slid his hands to Laurie's hips.  He gently lifted her, freeing his manhood, and she guided him into her as she straddled him. 


They both sighed with pleasure; Heyes sat up wrapping his arms around her.  Opening his mouth, he took her breast in and sucked it gently and then circled it with his tongue. 


She cried out, threw her head back, and arched her back. 


He moaned in delight.  


They rocked in harmony together as they locked their eyes on each other.  They started out slowly and then with more determination as their passion rose.   Their breathing became erratic as they clung onto each other; becoming one as they moved together.  Feeling the end nearing, Heyes released one of his arms from around Laurie and moved his hand to find her most sensitive spot.  When he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself any longer, he looked into her eyes and, with one finger, pressed against her, sending her into space as she shuddered with full body contractions.  Heyes let go and together they reached the stars. 


Spent and out of breath, Heyes collapsed back to the bed with Laurie still on top of him.  Gasping for air, she lifted herself slightly and he slid out of her as she slid off of him.    They lay there in each other’s arms breathing heavily until Heyes managed to huff out, "Stars?"


Laurie giggled in between gasps and said, "Stars."  She paused trying to get air into her lungs, "You?"


"Stars," Heyes said as he grabbed for the blanket with his hand and flung it over the two of them.  With arms wrapped around each other, they fell asleep.






The next day Heyes and Kid were in town, Kid looked around, "Did I miss somethin’ last night?"


"What?" Heyes said wondering what his partner may have heard when he came home last night. 


"Well you've been all smiles today and now we're in town and half of the men are all smiles.  Just wondering if I missed out on somethin’," Kid said.


"Laurie went to the quilting bee last night and I played poker."


"You're not gonna tell me, are you?" Kid frowned at Heyes.


"Just telling you, Laurie went quilting," Heyes said, trying to conceal the smile that was threatening to burst out.  "She really seems to like it.  You might have Sarah go…AFTER you're married." 


Kid looked at him curiously. 


"It's quilting," Heyes said trying to recover.  "I would think you would have more interesting things to do while you are courting her." 


Kid shrugged, "Good point."


Heyes let out the breath he was holding.