Who’s First

By Storm Richards




“Okay, Wheat, we got it all set,” Kyle stated.


“What's all set?”


“First bandit.”


“First bandit?” Wheat queried.


“Yep. Since Heyes and Kid won't be back for ‘while, we’s figured out first bandit.”




“Ya know, first bandit, second bandit, third bandit…who does what.”


Wheat stared blankly at Kyle.


“‘Kay, so Heyes is always first bandit when he’s here, unless it’s Kid then he’s first. But Heyes and Kid ain’t here so we need a new first. That’s you, but you’s usually second, well third, cause Kid’s second if he ain’t first and Heyes, well he’s always first unless Kid is, but Kid can be second but Heyes ain’t never been second he’s always first.”


Wheat blinked.


“So Heyes ain’t here so Kid’s first bandit, that makes you second. Kid ain't here neither so yous moved up to first bandit. Now we gots to figure out second bandit and third cause they’s important. Now ‘fore Heyes left, he said, who is first is important. Most important to what, that’s second cause ya got t’ know what t’ bring, and then where is third, cause ya got t’ know wheres ya goin’, and I don’t know the other things he said.”


“Heyes told ya this?”


“Yep, said with me it’ll be a leap of faith if I remembered it all.”


“He did,” Wheat almost chuckled.


“Yep, but I did so I got it all figured out.


“You do?”


“Ah-huh. Who is first, What is second, Where is third and I don’t know is fourth.”


“Say that again?”


“Who is first. What is second. Where is third and I don’t know is fourth.”


“I got that but what are you sayin’?”


“What is second.”




“Is first?”


“I don’t get it?”


“No, I don’t know is the rest of the gang.”


“But Who is first?”


“Yep,” Kyle smiled broadly.


“Who?” Wheat repeated.


“Yes,” he nodded seriously.


“Heyes told ya this?” Confusion spread across Wheat’s face.


“Yep. Who is first, cause it’s the most important.”


“What are you talkin’ about.”


“What ain’t talkin’ he’s second. Who does the talkin’.”


“Who does the talkin’?”


“Now ya got it.”


“Got What?”


“Second,” Kyle triumphantly stated.


“I don’t know…”


“They’s fourth.”


“Who’s fourth?”


“No, Who’s first.” Kyle shook his head, not understanding why Wheat kept messing up the order.


“Who’s first.”




“Who’s second?”


“Nope, What’s second.”


“Where did you get this?”


“Heyes told me and Where is third.”


“Where is third?”


“Exactly.” Kyle proudly chuckled.


“Kyle, I don’t know…”


“Them’s is fourth.”


“Heyes said this would be a leap?”


“‘O faith.” Kyle hooked his thumbs in his belt.


“You aint’ kiddin’.” Wheat shook his head. “Okay, so let’s go over this again.”




“Who’s first.”




“What is second?”




“I don’t know…”


“Nope, they’s fourth. Where is third.”


“I don’t know…”




Wheat rubbed his hand over his face and took a breath. “Let’s go over this one more time.”




“Who’s first.”


Kyle nodded.


“What is second?”




“What is second?” Wheat asked louder.


“Ya got that?”


“Got what?”




“I don’t know.”








“I give up.”


“They’s no bandits that give up,” Kyle stated. “Heyes said nothin’ ‘bout givin’ up.”


Wheat blew out a breath, “Okay so this is what Heyes said.”






“No, huh. What is second.”


“What is second, Where…”




“Third,” Wheat repeated.




“Who is first, What is second, Where is third and I don’t know what you are talkin’ ‘bout.”


“Ya got it! ‘Cept I don’t know is fourth but I don’t know if they know what ya talkin’ ‘bout neither cause sometimes ya can be confusin’ Wheat.”


Wheat’s shoulders slumped. “Confusin’? Me? Confusin’?” His voice began to rise.


“Sure, Wheat,” Kyle smiled. “Ain’t yur fault ya ain’t as clear as Heyes sometimes.”


“I got a headache,” Wheat mumbled as he turned and walked away.